Chevrolet Rolls its Own: Silverado HD vs. Ford F-250 in Pickup Flex Fest [Video]  Oct 17th, 2014 
Looking to land a blow in a pickup news cycle that’s lately been dominated by Ford—first with the aluminum 2015 F-150 and then the Super Duty diesel’s massive output numbers—Chevrolet pitted its Silverado 2500 HD against a Ford F-250 in a torsional flex-off and filmed the results. Employing the usual “park your truck on some ramps for […] 
Audi Unveils Bitchin’ TT Race Car, Plans for German Spec Racing Series  Oct 17th, 2014 
Interested in competing on some of Europe’s greatest tracks, but don’t have the scratch to field a race team of your own? Audi’s Sport TT Cup series will follow portions of the DTM circuit in 2015, providing a one-model, six-race program for up to 24 drivers. The series is built around spec front-wheel-drive TTs that […] 
Why Investors Aren’t Excited About Fiat-Chrysler’s NYSE Listing  Oct 17th, 2014 
Monday marked Chrysler’s first return to the New York Stock Exchange in seven years, albeit hitched to Fiat. It was a welcoming presence on the exchange, one the Italian-American automaker hopes will spur further investment as it kicks off its most aggressive product expansion yet. The trouble is, apparently investors weren’t feeling the same excitement. […] 
Porsche Is Renting Out the Sistine Chapel for—Wait, You Can Rent Out the Sistine Chapel!?  Oct 17th, 2014 
Of two things we’d least expect to appear together in a single news tidbit, it would be difficult to find a pairing more bizarre than “Porsche” and “the Sistine Chapel.” Lo and behold, it happened. Or at least, it’s happening soon—Automotive News Europe reports that Porsche has rented out the Sistine Chapel—you know, the one […] 
2014 BMW i3 Tested with Range Extender: A Series Hybrid that Relieves Range Anxiety, Except on Gas  Oct 17th, 2014 
The automotive future according to Hollywood exists as one of two polar-opposite scenarios. Either it’s sleek and bright, filled with fast-moving pods gliding over flawless, uncongested roads, or it’s dark and dystopian, with kludged trucks and muscle cars roaming dilapidated and desolate highways. Hollywood never dreams of roads jammed full of frumpy electric hatchbacks, but […] 
You Gotta Know When to Holden: SEMA-Bound Chevrolet SS Sport Concept Plays Up Aussie Heritage  Oct 17th, 2014 
It’s no secret that the Chevrolet SS sedan we know and love is but a few tweaks removed from the Australian Holden Commodore. In fact, Chevrolet says that the V-8 sedan’s Down Under heritage has become something of a source of pride for many owners and fans of the stateside SS. Looking to highlight the […] 
Mercedes S-class Maybach to Debut Next Month, More Details Emerge on Next Über-Benz  Oct 17th, 2014 
We have been reporting all year about Daimler’s plans to resurrect Maybach as a sub-brand of Mercedes-Benz, with its first product expected to be a stretched version of the S-class packed with even more luxury features than the top-dog S600 (pictured above) and S65 AMG models. We’ve now confirmed when the new Mercedes Maybach super-sedan […] 
Mercedes Taunts Ferrari after Clinching F1 Constructors’ Championship  Oct 17th, 2014 
Have you heard? Mercedes AMG Petronas wrapped up this year’s Formula 1 constructors’ championship this past Sunday with three races still left on the calendar. The folks at Scuderia Ferrari definitely heard about it, thanks to Mercedes parking a new C-class emblazoned with “World Champion 2014″ right outside the Italian team’s headquarters. Shots fired, sort of. As […] 
Nice Stance, Bro: Honda Bringing Six Custom 2015 Fits to SEMA  Oct 17th, 2014 
First things first, this is not how we’d spec a factory 2015 Honda Fit. But when Honda arrives in Las Vegas next month for SEMA, it’s hitting the festivities hard with six Fits that go well beyond what the automaker churns out. The automaker gave out Fits to six tuner shops with no prerequisites, only […] 
Chris Harris on the Next Bugatti Veyron: “I Couldn’t Care Less”  Oct 17th, 2014 
The words barely penetrated my waking consciousness, but something registered from the pages of a weekly British car magazine: “Bugatti Veyron replacement will have over 1500 hp and hit 290 mph.” Whatever. I couldn’t care less, I thought, as I went off to water the tomato plants. Ten years ago, I’d have struggled to suppress […] 
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