24 Hours of LeMons Sebring: The Winners  Jul 8th, 2014 
For the first-ever visit of the 24 Hours of LeMons to Sebring International Raceway, we learned that not many racers are willing to brave the conditions of sultry central Florida in July, and even fewer are willing to anger their families by obliterating a holiday weekend via a hooptie race. We inspected a mere 28 […] 
Volvo “Twin Engine” XC90 is the 400-hp Plug-In Hybrid to Watch  Jul 8th, 2014 
Volvo’s “T8 twin engine” label on its forthcoming 2016 XC90 isn’t an aircraft reference or any passing resemblance to the freak-show TwinStar Eldorado we tested in 2000. The T8 doesn’t even mean V-8, as Volvo trashed that Yamaha-built engine after 2011. It’s just shorthand for “fast all-wheel-drive plug-in hybrid.” This range-topping XC90 crossover SUV will […] 
Whither the American Autobahn?  Jul 8th, 2014 
Today, the 21-year reign of the 55-mph speed limit seems like ancient history. On July 1, Idaho and Wyoming adopted an 80-mph maximum on some highways. Along with Utah, these Western neighbors joined Texas, which had set speeds at 80 mph in parts of the state starting in 2006. And that’s not even the nation’s […] 
Autobahn Dos and Don’ts  Jul 8th, 2014 
DO look after your car. Make sure you check tire pressures before trying any high-speed runs. Gas stations (or “Rasthofs”) can be far apart, especially considering the extra fuel you’ll burn at speed. DO build up gradually. Although we can’t fault your enthusiasm for wanting to know what 150 mph feels like on the public […] 
Purpose-Built Electric Mazda Miata Beats Tesla Model S in Drag Race, Because Duh [Video]  Jul 8th, 2014 
From today’s Obvious Files comes this video from Road Test TV, which shows a second-gen Mazda Miata converted to electric power absolutely spanking a stock-appearing Tesla Model S in a drag race. The Tesla is a mighty quick car in its own right—we tested one that hit 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds—and this Model […] 
Porsche 960/988: New Info Emerges on the Semi-Secret Weapon from Zuffenhausen  Jul 8th, 2014 
Since its introduction with the lovely, Pininfarina-styled 308 of 1976, the two-place, mid-engined, eight-pot Ferrari has been a constant that’s seen challengers come and go. Sure, Porsche’s turbocharged 911s have offered performance parity or superiority, but they’re a juiced version of a car affordable by mere dentists. Lamborghini’s Jalpa and Silhouette never posed a serious […] 
Oh, How We Wish This Awesome Video of a BMW M4 Drifting on an Aircraft Carrier Was Real  Jul 8th, 2014 
Fake things, like breasts and bacon, always sound better in abstract. The reality is that those sorts of things rarely satisfy, which perhaps is why BMW (of Canada, in this case) didn’t try to draw the veil shut too tightly in its new M4 commercial. The spot starts with an Austin Yellow Metallic 2015 M4 […] 
Maybach Comeback, Round Two: Moniker May Grace Spruced-up GL-class  Jul 8th, 2014 
We’ve known all year that Mercedes would resurrect its failed Maybach superluxury brand into an AMG-like trim for the current S-class. What we didn’t see coming was a Maybach SUV. The Aussies at Motoring report that Mercedes executives have “floated” several models worthy of Maybach treatment, including the full-size GL-class SUV, the S-class coupe, and […] 
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Sales Soften, NADA reports  Jul 8th, 2014 
Hybrids retain less of their original value than their non-hybrid counterparts, and steady gas prices and improving fuel economy will make hybrids less appealing to consumers, the NADA reports. 
Cal-Tex Names Director of Marketing  Jul 8th, 2014 
Sandra Moore takes over as director of marketing for the F&I product provider. She previously served as director of marketing for General Motors' Buick and GMC brands. 
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